We are particularly interested in the elucidation of the protein machinery at the synapse and the basic cell biological processes that mediate long-term storage of information. In addition, we are investigating how these process go awry in neurodevelopmental disorders such as Angelman Syndrome and in aging…

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Are you talented, creative and highly motivated? We are currently looking for postdoctoral Fellows to join our group. The lab is funded through a R01 from NIMH, the Ziegler Foundation, and a CHEETAH grant. We take a multidisciplinary approach and are looking for innovative young scientists interested in big questions…

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Why Utah?

Located in the heart of the western United States, Utah is home to diverse landscapes as well as world class outdoor recreation and ski resorts. With 43 state and 5 national parks, Utah boasts excellent access to some of the Nature’s most spectacular places. Whether you enjoy winter…

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