Kaelan Sullivan - Graduate Student

team member
Email: kaelan.sullivan@utah.edu

Short Biography

I completed my bachelor’s degree in biology at York College of Pennsylvania prior to working in Dr. Anne Moon’s lab at Geisinger Medical Center. During this time, I studied the effects of alternative RNA processing on the differentiation of the various cardiac conduction system components as well as cancer biology. Now I am pursuing my PhD at the University of Utah in the Shepherd Lab focusing on the role of the Arc Capsid in intercellular communication.


Puvvula PK, Yu Y, Sullivan KR, Eyob H, Rosenberg J, Welm A. Inhibiting an RBM39/MLL1 epigenomic regulatory complex with dominant-negative peptides disrupts cancer cell transcription and proliferation. Cell Reports 2021;35::109156. Read Article.

Guzzetta A, Koska M, Rowton M, Sullivan KR, Jacobs-Li J, Kweon J. Hedgehog–FGF signaling axis patterns anterior mesoderm during gastrulation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2020;117::15712–23. Read Article.