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Open Positions for Postdoctoral Associates

Are you talented, creative and highly motivated? Shepherd Laboratory is currently looking for new talent. If you are passionate about scientific research and innovation, motivated, ambitious and driven; we want you to be part of our team.

We are seeking talented and enthusiastic postdocs to join the Shepherd lab. The lab utilizes coordinated biochemical, cell biological, electrophysiological and imaging studies in vitro and in vivo, including state of the art techniques such as in vivo two-photon microscopy and chronic electrophysiological recordings in live animals (Nat Neurosci. 2010 Apr;13(4):450-7).

Projects will range from basic mechanisms of memory storage (Neuron. 2006 Nov 9;52(3):445-59 and Nat Neurosci. 2011 Mar;14(3):279-84) to understanding neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease (Cell. 2011 Oct 28;147(3):615-28.) and neurodevelopmental disorders such Angelman and Fragile X syndrome (Neuron. 2008 Jul 10;59(1):70-83). We are particularly interested in people with molecular biology/biochemistry/cell biology experience or electrophysiology/imaging experience.

There is a growing and vibrant neuroscience community at the University of Utah, with an excellent quality of life. Nestled in the Wasatch mountains, Salt Lake City offers both cultural (Sundance Film festival) and outdoor recreation (over 5 world class ski resorts with 30 minutes) activities.

The lab is well funded through a generous startup package and a K99/R00 from the NINDS.

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